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contraception and pregnancy prevention

Dialogue on Pregnancy Prevention & Contraception
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Welcome! This is a community (still somewhat in the works) for people to talk, ask, or vent about birth control.

We're really hoping for it to be a place to have constructive discussions and debates (as long as they're kept civil and respectful) as well as for questions, comments, rants and frustrations, new findings, thoughts, ideas, and anything else you might have to say about Birth Control.

You may ask absolutely anything. No, really.

We'd definitely love to have some more people knowledgeable in the subjects of contraception and womens' health join, so that we can foster informative discussions, dispell misinformation, and give out the best information and advice possible.

Your moderator is jennifer0246. We are here to facilitate respectful and open dialogue. To contact a mod, please visit the public post on bcdmods and leave us a comment.