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Forgot to take BC this morning

Posted by lidge on 29.08.2012 at 09:03
I'm at work right now and just realized that I forgot to take my BC this morning. The soonest I can take today's pill is when I get home around 5:30ish. If I take the pill today and continue as normal (taking the pill when I wake up around 6:30am) will I still be covered or should I use condoms? For how long? Or should I take the morning after pill? I'm on Ortho TriCyclen.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!


No period?

Posted by brokenskylines on 03.02.2012 at 22:32
I'm on my second month of taking Microgestin Fe 1/20 after about two years of taking Ortho TriCyclen Lo. My first month, I didn't really have my withdraw bleeding, just a day of light bleeding. This month, I haven't had anything at all, except for some brown discharge that I thought was blood. I even put in a tampon and nothing came out on it.  I haven't had sex since November and I've had two withdraw bleeds since then anyway. Could it just be that my body still isn't adjusted to the pill yet?

HBC interrupted

Posted by nonsense_at_all on 03.02.2012 at 17:21
Hi all,

So, I've been taking HBC (Belara, 21 days + 7 days of interruption) for some months now.
The thing is (quite silly, I know), I lost the purse where I had my pills and I ended up not taking them for 2 days - so yesterday my period came, a bit unexpectedly. The thing is, I was only halfway through the pills, my period was only supposed to come by the end of the month.
What should I do? Just wait 7 days and start a new package? Or start now from where I stopped?
Birth control itself it's not really a problem for me right now, I just don't want my hormones to go all crazy.

I hope this isn't too confusing - but I really don't know what I'm supposed to do right now.


For those birthcontrolled members in the US, please read and pass on:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning U.S. consumers not to use the emergency birth control medicine labeled as Evital. These products may be counterfeit versions of the “morning after pill” and may not be safe or effective in preventing pregnancy.

Evital has not been approved by the FDA for use in the United States.

This potentially ineffective and suspect counterfeit emergency birth control may also be in distribution in some Hispanic communities in the United States.

Diane 35

Posted by pretty_dolly on 26.11.2010 at 14:08
Hey. I just finished my first month of Diane 35. I went on it for birth control but also to help with acne. I have a question for anyone who's on it. Did it mak you break out before your skin got better? Since I started it i've broken out so bad. Like i've never broken out this bad before, plus i'm breaking out on my chest and shoulders which has never happened!


When to start the pill

Posted by pretty_dolly on 05.11.2010 at 22:11
Hello all! So as of may I stopped taking yazmin. I didn't get my period at all intill this week, Tuesday, November 2 to be exact. So I went and got a new prescription of BC. I got Diane 35. Now I read that your supposed to start taking the pill th first day of your period, which I obviously didn't do. So my question is, when do I start taking it? Sunday? Or can I take it starting today? (Friday, Nov. 5)



pill cases

Posted by recyclejlc on 27.10.2010 at 22:58
do any of you who take HBC Pills,  do you decorate your pill cases?  if so, do you mind posting pics?  i dislike the blah-ness of my pill case (Solia, in a boring beige case), and in need of ideas.  so far i've just painted on a white background.

Miss Smoking

Question with spotting

Posted by thyexecutioner on 12.09.2010 at 14:26
Hey guys. So I know spotting is 100% normal on bc, it's nothing to worry about, yadda yadda. However, I'm a little confused because I've been on the same bc (Loestrin 24fe) for three years and I didn't spot at all until six months ago. Now I start spotting about a week before I take the inactive pills, and I'm wondering why that would happen. I'm not worried or anything, it's just weird and inconvenient. If you have any thoughts about what I could do to stop it, it'd be appreciated.

Posted by ohh_randi on 01.09.2010 at 22:35
i know this community might not be very active but i have a question/concern:

i get my birth control from planned parenthood. i have to pick it up every month. about three months ago, they said they were out of my birth control (ortho tri cyclen lo) and that they only had ortho tri cyclen, but that it wouldn't make a difference. i started taking it and continued to until about three weeks ago because they didn't have my regular birth control in yet. when i went to pick it up, they had my ortho tri cyclen lo available, so i went back to that. i'm on week three and i missed two pills about 3 days ago but i was told to take them and use a back up measure for 7 days. now i'm spotting really bad with cramps, and i don't know what could be causing it. do you think it's the switching of the birth control? or the missed pills? i've never spotted before or had any problems with my period being irregular and i haven't had sex since i missed the pills so i don't think i could be pregnant, right?

any advice would help! thanks in advance.

Posted by taldragon on 05.08.2010 at 13:41
i saw this article in The Guardian today, and thought the community might be interested.

what does your birth control mean to you?


list of brands of pills

Posted by recyclejlc on 26.07.2010 at 14:38
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Where can I find a list of the different brands of Hormonal Birth Control pills that are available in the USA? bonus points if you happen to know which ones are available through Florida's Health Departments


Posted by online_feline on 25.05.2010 at 05:56

Hi guys, this is a little odd for me- I'm usually so smart when it comes to sex-related things, but I'm a bit concerned and hoping at least one of you can help.

Some facts; I'm 17, and have been sexually active with the same person since I was 15. We first started with condoms, then I went on BC. It was plain BC control (tri-something) and I was on it for a little under a year. It made me sick and vomit nearly everyday so I finally got off the stuff about three months ago. I had my period last month on the 21st. Now, I still haven't gotten my period. In between now and my last period, we had sex with a condom twice. I didn't break from what we could tell- could the BC still be messing with my period? The first two periods were fine and on time. I'm getting worried.

Thanks so much, guys.

Edit: Also, I've been showing symptoms of PMS (zits, moodiness, serious bloating, ect.) for over two weeks now.


newbie question

Posted by chiquita101 on 10.05.2010 at 01:45
hi guys!
just a quick question, I am currently taking Kariva as a birth control method (this is my first month taking it) and I want to skip my next period. I tried to google for an answer, but I felt a little safer asking here as well, just to make sure that I am on the right path. Rambling aside (haha), my question is How can I skip my period while taking Kariva?
Thanks everyone for the help!!!

Miss Smoking

Time change

Posted by thyexecutioner on 06.03.2010 at 23:04
I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'm curious about time changes with bc. A couple years ago, I traveled down along the east coast to Mexico, etc. while on birth control and realized half-way through the trip that the time was changing and you're supposed to take bc at approximately the same time every day. I'm on Loestrin 24Fe, if that's at all important. In the next few weeks, I'm going to England (from NY) and I'm wondering if I should try changing my time for bc. I typically take it at 11:30PM, and there's about a 12+ish hour time difference. Does it matter if I take it at 11:30PM while overseas, or do you think I should convert the time? Thanks!

Other forms of birth control?

Posted by doggy_biscuit on 03.03.2010 at 16:15
Aside from hormonal contraceptives, what other options are out there these days? I have tried three different birth control pills (gave each a fair chance, at least 6 months to a year) and all have made me feel pretty crappy, sometimes even depressed. My boyfriend of four years does not want to use condoms because we have been together for so long. I don't really hear much about the diaphragms/sponges/etc, are they even still around? Still effective? I see no other products mentioned or at the drugstores. Any advice?

Suggestions for Hormonal Birth Control

Posted by maegk on 03.03.2010 at 13:27
Hi - I'm 27, NP, current method of BC is the copper IUD, which I have been using for over 5 years. I had my first inserted when I was 22, and it was great for 4 years. Then I had an ultrasound, and I was told it was sitting "a little low," so I got it replaced. 5 months later, that one came out. I decided to try for a third at Planned Parenthood because they're experienced. So far, it seems to be staying put, but I am not okay. I'm always worried about it, obsessively check it, obsessively think about it, always running to the clinic to get it checked, and I even had to go to the ER for an anxiety attack related to it. I am currently taking meds and seeing a therapist for my anxiety issues (which I've always had, but the IUD seems to be making them worse), but my husband suggested I just get it removed.

However, I don't know if there are any good BC alternatives for me. From age 18-22 I was on 5 different types of monophasic pills and NuvaRing, but I always had breakthrough bleeding in the final week of active pills, so I always just assumed they weren't working correctly. One doctor thought that because I have Crohn's disease, my body might not be absorbing the pills correctly which is why I tried Nuvaring, but the same spotting happened. That's when I switched to the copper IUD.

I want a method where I can get a monthly period, because it makes me feel better, so implanon is out. I thought about the mini pill but I read that weight gain and depression are side effects, and I don't want that. My question is, has anyone had spotting issues on monophasic pills and had better luck with triphasic? Or are there any other methods that I should look into?

Thanks so much.

BCP Not Working Anymore?

Posted by sicfix on 15.02.2010 at 13:21
cross-posted to birthcontrol community

Hey everyone, So I can't find anything about my particular problem anywhere online, so I'm hoping that someone here has had a similar experience and can help me out. I've been taking Micronor (progestin-only) for 6 years straight, normal use. I got a period like once a year, randomly. Other than that, no period, which is common on this pill.

Last July, I got a period on my birthday (that was fun) after having not gotten one in a year or so, which happens once in a while so I didn't think much of it. But then I got another period in November, and then one in December, one in January, and now one again in February, getting more and more regular each time. I've also noticed my skin clearing up a great deal. I had never had skin problems before I began taking the pill 6 years ago. For 6 years I've had awful skin problems, and now they are clearing up drastically, at the same time that I am starting to get regular periods back, the way they were before I started taking BCP.

What is going on here? Is my BCP just not working anymore? I'm not doing anything differently, no medications, other pills or vitamins, no weight loss/gain, no drastic daily routine changes. Is it possible that Micronor just stopped working for me after 6 years of continual use?


Posted by leaveittoweaver on 08.02.2010 at 09:07
Posted to a couple other related communities.

I just switched last month from Loestrin 24fe to Trisprintec. So, the first pack of pills of Trinsprintec, my period came the last week of the pills normally and only lasted four days which was awesome. When I was on Loestrin, it would come the third week of the pills and usually last almost a week.

But this month (my second month on Trisprintec), my period started on the third week of the pills(this past Sunday). And it has yet to end. Theres been a few days here and there this month though that I didn't take my pill til in the early morning(like 7 or 8 in the morning). I normally take it at night between 10 and 11. Is this why? I'm just wondering why this is? 

For a day I had brown bleeding. Maybe two days ago. Then it was back to regular bleeding.

I just need to know what I should do? It's been eight days and it shows no sign of stopping.  I've kept taking my pills as normal, I'm on the last week of them right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

actress ; audrey ; wistful

Condom slippage.

Posted by herminia on 30.01.2010 at 09:13
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Should I be nervous about condoms slipping down (it was still covering about two inches of penis and appeared to contain all fluids) but NOT off? Is this counted as a condom failure?

Is it obvious (to either or both parties) if a condom leaks?


Diaphragms and spermicide...

Posted by firesorceress on 18.11.2009 at 20:43
Current Mood: Inquisitive
Hello all, it's been a while since I've been on LJ! I have been trying to research diaphragms and spermicide on the net to find a forum, and I'm not having much luck. Thus, I'm hoping someone on here knows something about them! I got a diaphragm, and I found a recipe for spermicide, (because I can't really find much in the stores, heard the FDA ordered a stop to it or something) 3 drops of lemon juice to 1 tbsp aloe vera. I finally tried the diaphragm for the first time today. I checked the placement after sex, and it felt a little crooked, so I righted it. And I'm figuring if anything got past it, the spermicide should catch it. One of my issues thus far, is I can't reach my cervix when I have the diaphragm in to check and make sure it's in place. Even the nurse who fitted me had trouble finding it to make sure it was covered. I just have an abnormally long (not wide) vagina. The way I check it's placement, is I just make sure it's still behind my pubic bone. And I assume that if it is behind my pubic bone, it must be covering my cervix. I'm wondering if anyone else has that problem. Also, what do you do if you have to poop within the 6 hours you're supposed to keep it in for? Cause I went to go poop, but I felt like it was starting to dislodge when I tried to poop, and I don't want it to dislodge and let the little spermies still in there past the diaphragm. I'm married, it wouldn't be the end of the world per se if I got preggers, but it is certainly undesirable right now. I have tried almost every form of hormonal birth control out there, and they do not agree with me. I've even tried a copper IUD, but it just to the point where the side effects were too much for me. I'd use condoms, but they make sex so much less fun for my hubby that he doesn't like to have it as often when we use condoms or pull out. It seems like my only option left is a diaphragm, and these are kinda weird to get used to... Help? Any experiences you've had with diaphragms, or alternative birth control ideas, would really help!
Thanks a bunch in advance!

Posted by modern_saints on 30.10.2009 at 00:30
I am currently on the generic version of yasmin. I keep seeing these commercials about people who have been harmed by the generic, yasmin, and yaz with blood cloths through out the body. I've been on yasmin for the past three years, and have not had any problems, but these commercials are freaking me out. I think I'm going to go to planned parenthood (I no long have med insurance) so that I can get cheaper pills (I pay around $50/month for the generic) what would be a good pill to switch to? Or should I just stay on the generic of yasmin because it's been three years and I haven't had a problem. I've also tried the generic for Otho Tricylin Lo and it made me feel sick to my stomach something I would like to avoid. Thanks



Posted by woodandwool on 18.10.2009 at 20:02
back story:
bout three months ago, a doctor at my universities student health center switched me from Reclipsen to Camila due to my history of migraines. I had been taking the reclipsen for two+ years and never had any problems with it (including absolutely no increase in headaches/migraines). the doctor at the health center refused to write me a prescription for the reclipsen, and i knew that getting an apt at my regular gyno would take another two months, so i accepted the camila and went on my way. she asked that i wait three months and see if i like it.

fast forward to now, and i've decided that i HATE the camila. seriously, i can't get off of this fast enough. my acne is terrible, i feel bloated, and the whole taking-it-at-the-same-exact-time thing is killing me. i never knew how hard it would be for me to figure out a single time that i can take at pill every day of the week. i take most of my pills in the morning, right when i wake up, but when i wake up varies. i'd take it at night, but i'm an actor and my rehearsal schedule varies from day to day as well. it's incredably frustrating.

anyway. now i'm trying to figure out exactly what to do. i've been researching IUDs all night, and though i know some doctors are hesitant to insert them in a child free 20 year old. but i have some bigger questions and i am open to other suggestions:

1. i think i might be allergic to nickel. i have a hard time wearing cheap earrings, and i've always assumed it was due to nickel. i've heard that this is a problem when it comes to copper iuds. confirm/deny?

2. how are your periods with an iud? not having my period is kind of like a double edged sword for me right now. i love not having it, but at the same time my anxiety always flares up whenever my period is a no-show.

3. are there any other options here? i'm open to any suggestions...


x posted to iud_divas


Posted by jjj3 on 15.10.2009 at 11:49
Current Mood: nervousnervous

I've been on Yaz for about 6 months and i missed a pill on sunday, i took it on monday. it was my third week and i have had spotting, is this normal?  this may complicte things, but i decided to skip my period last month by just not taking the inactive pills. is there a higher risk of me getting pregnant? if i have sex in the next day or two will i be more likely to get pregnant?


Birth Control and Hair Loss

Posted by honeybean on 26.09.2009 at 17:53
Hi everyone,

I posted this question in parts at naturalliving, but thought it would be good to ask here as well. I recently stopped birth control after having been on it for over 7 years. My doctor and I agree that it would be best for my health. I suffer from hair thinning and loss (I'm 29), and am wondering if this may have been a side effect from the pill.

My question is: Have you experienced hair loss/thinning from birth control? We are of course seeking other possibilities, but I thought I'd cover my bases and check here.

Thanks for your help!


Yasmin pill

Posted by emmaroo_x on 25.09.2009 at 23:29

Hey people :D Hoping someone can help?

I'm 17 and i've changed from the pill i was on (microgynon 30) to the Yasmin pill as my skin gets quite bad at times. It's been 2 weeks now and my skin has got even worse, it's making me feel gross. Has anyone else had the same problem? and will it get better? I don't know how long it's supposed to be like this if it is at all :S

Emma xxxx

Posted by zuckerkrankheit on 17.09.2009 at 18:36
i have a question about birth control (the pill) so i decided to join this community :)
i hope you'll understand what i mean, english isn't my monthertongue so it's really hard haha

i've been on the pill for almost two years now, everything was fine until now. this could be a really long story now :p but i'll keep it short.

I want to stop taking the pill,
but i want to 'plan' it so my period/ovulation will be during the weekends. Is this possible?
i get the worst back pains when i'm on my period, that's why i'd prefer to have it in the weekends (so i'm at home and not at school).
I have a 28-days cycle, and that never changed (before i started taking the pill obviously)

i always take the last pill on a friday now, and i get my 'pill period' on wednesday.

now if i'll stop taking the pill on a friday, i'll know i'll get my 'pill period' on wednesday again, but on which day will my 'real' period start? I know you can't know how many weeks it will take, but can you know which day? or around which day?

I thought it would be either friday or wednesday..


Posted by guestrooms on 14.09.2009 at 16:39
I am on Yasmin and have been on it for about three years. I take my pill around midnight every night. My last period began on Aug 17th. My boyfriend and I had sex and he finished in me around 10pm on Sep 6th. I was not able to take the pill tonight and ended up doubling up on Sep 7th at midnight. Is there a chance that I could be pregnant or am I worrying for nothing?

Mini Pill and Backup

Posted by flickdreams on 05.08.2009 at 20:38
Hi there,

I'm switching from the depo shot to Errin, a pop/mini pill. My doctor has told me that the pill has an 8% failure rate and I should always use condoms/backup methods with the mini pill... until I'm married. Do I really need a backup with the minipill or is my doctor just trying to push condoms to prevent STDs? I've never had a STD, only one sexual partner that is now my fiance.


First Depo Shot

Posted by flickdreams on 01.07.2009 at 09:58
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Hello, new here. *waves* My name is Flick, I'm 21 and I have been on birth control since I was 17. I have tried yas, yasmin, nuvaring, seasonique and probably a few others I don't even remember but the reason for my post is I thought I would share my experience with my very first depo shot and what kind of side effects I'm facing. I had the shot about four weeks ago.

First let me say that it HURT. The shot hurt worse than my tattoo. I'm not sure if that's normal or if the nurse was just a little rough but either way, I was bruised after receiving the shot and it made it uncomfortable to sit for a few days. Also, the rest of that day I felt pretty sick to my stomach like I had the flu. The good news, this is probably my biggest complaint about the shot. Other than that, a little bit of acne, just three pimples so nothing too major. My first cycle while being on the shot has just ended and it was fairly light, only mild cramps and 7 days long (my normal cycle is two weeks.) And that's it. :)


Birth control options to prevent ovarian cysts

Posted by xlibbyx on 24.06.2009 at 17:40
I'm new (hi!) and basically I have two questions...

1. Does Depo decrease your likelihood of getting functional ovarian cysts?
2. Which brands of combined pill are likely to be most effective at preventing them?

Some background for those who are interested.Collapse )


Posted by kahteex on 23.06.2009 at 22:50

Ok, so I have a few questions about Implanon.

I have been on Implanon for about 10 months. I don't have too many complaints about it. I haven't gained weight or gotten mood swings or anything like that.

But, here are some issues I've been having.

A) I haven't had my period pretty much since I got it inserted. I remember having a brief "spotting" period like a month after the insertion, but since then, nada. I know this is a common side effect of implanon, and since my periods were so incredibly light to begin with, I wasn't all that surprised... it doesn't bother me, obviously, but I just am making sure it's a normal side effect for it to last this long?

B) I've never had too terrible of skin, but I feel like I've been dealing with an uncontrollable amount of cystic acne around my lips and on my chin. As soon as one disappears, another pops up and becomes red and extremely sore. I've never had this problem before. Generally, my acne was mild and sporadic, with random zits on my t-zone area.... but never on the sides of my chin. Right now, I have approximately six-eight small bumps on either side of my chin. Most of the time, they don't even come to a head, but they will get swollen and irritated. Desperate to find a reason, I've been drinking lots of water the past few weeks and hardly any caffeinated beverages. I tried to think when I started to notice the problem and I'm pretty sure I traced it back to my implanon being inserted. However, I also slightly remember reading somewhere that implanon is non-hormonal? So should it be affecting my complexion? Please correct me on that. Have any other implanon users had problems with cystic acne?

Thanks in advance! :)

PS: if it matters, I am still a virgin and am not going to become sexually active in the near future. i simply got it inserted at the beginning of the year because i was going to college and i wanted to be smart about it. i am considering getting it removed, but if it is most likely not the problem that is causing my acne, then i'll keep it it because, let's be honest, not having a period is pretty convenient!


Late periods after 5 months of Linessa

Posted by jewls108 on 18.06.2009 at 18:36
I have just completed my 5 month of Linessa 28. It's the only pill I have ever used. I always start my week on Wednesday night, so that is when my period should normally arrive. The doctor told me that it may take a few months for my body to adjust and that my period will not arrive on time for the first few months. I still get the PMS at the right time, but my period has always arrived on the Friday night, so 2 days late. I'm wondering if this is still normal. I would have thought by now that it would come on time. Should I go see the doctor?

Thank you!

Late start date?

Posted by pretty_dolly on 12.06.2009 at 10:22
Hello! So I've been on a trip for the last week, and forgot to bring my pills with me. I was supposed to start them on Tuesday but couldn't. What should I do?

Non-Hormonal Suggestions

Posted by fxdupprincess on 10.06.2009 at 16:19
I am not interested in hormonal birth control methods, but I don't feel that a condom is enough to really be safe to the degree that I would consider acceptable.
I can't do an IUD, because even a gynecological exam is very painful for me, and I can barely get a finger in there to begin with. My gynecologist said that spermicide is not all that effective, and that I probably couldn't do a diaphragm because it would be too hard to fit in there correctly.
I get the feeling that I'm just going to be a lonely virgin for a very long time. Am I just SOL? Thanks for your input.

*Edit* I discovered the Fertility Awareness Method, after posting this. I was surprised that there was a scientific detection of fertility method, and don't know how I'd never heard of it before. I also found a "saliva estrogen detector", which I thought might be helpful, but I wouldn't use this method without a condom. Has anyone used this method before?

Diaphragms and Copper IUD removal...

Posted by firesorceress on 09.06.2009 at 23:59
Hello Ladies!  I have a couple questions if you have a minute.  I have a copper IUD right now, and I think I might like to switch to using a diaphragm.  I will probably see if I can find a good non irritating spermicidal first, but I am just tired of the cramping from my IUD when I'm on my period, and I think the IUD is giving me vaginal irritation.  Not enough irritation to actually show up visually, but sex can start off being sensitive sometimes (my theory is that the copper makes the vagina more acidic and that makes my skin sensitive, but I really don't know).  I will have had the IUD for 2 years this August.  I am 24, married, no kids.
What I'm wondering is this:
Has anyone had a good experience using diaphragms?  Do you have to use a spermicide each and every time you have sex?  Is it inconvenient to put in each time?  Anything you can tell me would help greatly!  I really am flying blind here, have just been reading up on them on sex ed sites...ha ha...  I never explored them before because it was too big of a deal for me to not get pregnant.  But now since I'm married and all, it's not as big of a deal, and if it's going to make me more comfortable, I'm willing to try it.
My next question.  Has anyone removed their own IUD on purpose?  Because I'm sure it must be rather pricey to get it removed, and I've heard of people easily accidentally removing theirs, so I'm wondering if it's not too hard to remove it on purpose then?
Thanks so much for your input in advance!  I will probably cross post this to another forum or two.


Help with HBC/Period Math

Posted by linipop on 12.05.2009 at 22:45
So I have been on Orth Tri Cyclen (actually the generic, trinessa) for almost two years. For the last year I've been excessively tired and putting on weight steadily. So just to make sure that it's not the birth control causing these issues, I want to take a brake from it for a month to at least see if it helps.  Is this going to cause a major disruption if I decide to start it again after a month or so?

Also, this would be the 4th week or "off week" if I had unprotected intercourse say, today and I don't start taking the next pack of pills per usual again this sunday would I be at risk for pregnancy? My period will either start tomorrow or Thursday and usually runs for 4-6 days. I didn't think there would be much risk but I wanted to make sure. Thanks for any thoughts!! Let me know if any of that didn't make sense.....


Skipping periods on bc.

Posted by 0rangepeels on 11.05.2009 at 21:56
I've been on one of those bc pills where you take 21 pills and stop for 7 days (forgot what they're called in English haha) since February/March of this year. I've taken two consecutive packs a couple of times to skip my period while I was on vacation etc., usually everything's been fine. One time in March after I had taken two packs in a row and stopped for the 7 days after the second pack I didn't get my period. Worried me a bit but after the next pack everything was fine again... Well, I just took two packs in a row again and this past week was meant to be my "pill free" week and again, no period.....
It's kind of worrying me even though I take the pill every evening and haven't forgotten it ever, so I was just wondering if this is "normal" at least to some extent or if this has happened to other people?

I started to bleed early on Sunday. I've been on birth control for 2 years now, same pill. I've been regular for the same length. I start every Sunday around 12pm-1pm. At the latest, Monday I start or Tuesday and that's if I missed a pill (which is rare).

My period isn't due until this weekend-- this Sunday. Can anyone give me any guesses why I'm early? I just had a pregnancy test last Wednesday at a clinic because of a competition and it came back negative. I can't possibly be pregnant, can I (yes, I've been sexually active since I was two weeks shy of turning 19 and I'm now 21 if anyone needed that tid bit).

Please help the unknowing!


Posted by pretty_dolly on 19.03.2009 at 20:48
Hello! I was just wondering, what birth control pills are made specifically for Acne? I'm on Yazmin for it right now but its seems to have to stopped working and has made me gain weight! What's a good pill to switch to? I'm just going to a walk in clinic because my family doctor is too far!


Yaz & depression.

Posted by und3rmythumb on 01.03.2009 at 11:43
My mom suggested putting me on Yaz because it helps treat PMDD. The thing is, I am diagnosed with depression, PTSD, and anxiety. I've read comments in which people have said Yaz made them feel angry, depressed, anxious, and suicidal, so obviously if that's the case, I'm skeptical about taking it. I've never been on birth control before, so I don't have any idea how my body will react. Are any of you diagnosed with depression or anxiety and taking Yaz? If so, did you experience negative side effects such as the ones I listed? Did they go away after a few months? Even if you don't suffer from depression, what other side effects did you experience?

Thank you so much. :)

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PMDD & Monthly withdrawal symptoms...

Posted by army_wife51b on 28.02.2009 at 20:50
I started taking Yaz last October for PMDD.  It has been a lifesaver for me, my symptoms have diminished to almost nothing because of it.  I am a completely different person and LOVE it.

My only problem is that every time I have to stop taking my pill for a "period" I get awful withdrawal symptoms.  It is like the old me again, only 10x worse with more symptoms I didn't have before.  A major one is migraines, plus the bloating, and of course irritability, intense mood swings, etc.  It's like I am a monster.  

I tried skipping my period in December by moving onto the next pack of pills, but I threw up the pill within an hour of taking it...I guess my body knew something wasn't right?  Or was that something else??

I don't know if I should try again next month or just keep trucking on.  This really sucks, and I have no other solutions for my raging hormone problem.  Anyone else have PMDD with suggestions?  :-/

Posted by pretty_dolly on 26.02.2009 at 00:28
I always take my first pill of the pack on Tuesday. I was supposed to start my new pack yesterday but forgot about them intill just now. What should I do?

Migraines + Birth Control

Posted by secret_tracex on 25.02.2009 at 15:53
So I've been on birth control for about 5 years now. I was on Tri-cyclen-lo for sometime (4.5 years).
About 2-3 years ago I started getting awful migraines. I tracked down my entire life (food I was eating, sleep I was getting, my stress levels... ) and discovered that I always get the headaches during the time I get my period. (About 2 days before I start bleeding, and the headaches usually last 3-6 days.)
I went to the doctor and got switched to Yasmin. I am on my 5th month of Yasmin, but still have the same problem. This really isn't something I can live with, the headaches put me out for almost a week at a time, usually resulting in me getting physically sick and missing school and work.
Has anyone else had any experiances with this? And found solutions?

I looked it up online, and Seasonale was suggested. Any opinions or experiances on this? I would like to stay on some form of birth control, since I am sexually active in a relationship. *sigh... I know I can't have it all.... lol*

Posted by follyofophellia on 24.02.2009 at 11:08
Okay, here is my issue. I just had my off hormone week. I put my patch on last Friday 2/20. I had sex without a condom yesterday 2/23. I can't stand my birth control and its side effects anymore. I need to go off it ASAP. If I took my patch off today, for example, would the sex i had yesterday matter? I don't want to come off of my birth control and somehow get pregnant from yesterday. How soon can I come off of this?

I hope this isn't confusing. Does my question make sense?

The most generic question possible...

Posted by hastoknow on 23.02.2009 at 13:38
So I've never, ever been on birth control before, because I've never had to be. BUT recently I started having sex with my boyfriend (I was a virgin until recently) and babies are NOT something we even remotely want to worry about right now. We are, of course, using a condom every time but it would be nice to not have to (both of us are clean so birth control is our only reason for using it).

ANYWAY here's some potentially relevant info:
- I'm 19 and have been sexually active for about a month
- My worry with bc pills is that my schedule is VERY irregular and I'm SUPER absentminded, so I'm scared I'll fuck myself over if I forget to take a pill
- I have had a history of missing/irregular periods, the worst of which was going 6 months with no period when I was 17, at which point my mom took me to the gyno and they gave me hormone pills that induced a period.

And main questions:
- What are the pos/neg experiences you guys have had with different types of bc?
- BC pills with the most/least side effects?
- What's the deal with IUDs? I hear they're effective but I'm frightened by the idea of something messing up my body's natural chemical balance

I want to know as much as possible because I am terrified of potential side effects and stuff that might be harmful. Thanks in advance for all your help

Edit to add:
Oh yeah, and is there ANY way to get birth control without my parents knowing? They have no idea I'm sexually active and are suuuuper conservative about it, but my health insurance is covered by them.


I know everybody hates these questions

Posted by bellebass on 21.02.2009 at 23:20
I've never taken the pill before, but my doctor was very specific about starting the Sunday after I start my period. That'd be tomorrow, but that makes April 12-19 one of my placebo weeks... and I'm getting married April 11! How can I rearrange that schedule? Should I wait a week to start the pills? Is there any special reason they tell you to start the Sunday of your period? He gave me Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, if it matters. Thanks!

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Yaz question

Posted by eryncalen on 16.02.2009 at 22:03
I have a question regarding birth control timing and changing when you take it.  I started on Yaz in June, and took it at the same time consistently every day until October, when I skipped my period that month, and my first day got thrown off from a Sunday to a Wednesday then.  My period has been a little off since then...it had finally settled in August on coming on the inactive pill days, but when I skipped it in October, it started to come two days into the inactive pills.  So I'm wondering if that's normal after skipping a month, and I'm also wondering how I can get back to having Sunday as my first day again...I'm on my third day of my inactive pills today and just got my period today.  Should I wait until Sunday to start my new pack again?  Is there a good way of doing this?

Confused about the pill

Posted by jewls108 on 11.02.2009 at 22:29
I'm a newbie on the pill and slightly confused as to the way it works.
I've always had very irregular periods (not getting it for 3 months, then 3 weeks in a row) so the doctor told me that since I hadn't had sex yet, I could start the pill whenever. I started it almost 3 weeks into my cycle. I've now been on the pill for a week. So let's say that I get my period within the next few days, should I start a new pack of pills? Is it possible that I could only get my period after I am done the pack? In that case, what happens?
Also, is it safe if I were to have sex next Wednesday (I've heard it only takes a week for it to be effective)?


Debating this whole HBC thing.

Posted by aelphabawest on 10.02.2009 at 15:50
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I decided to go on hormonal birth control as a "belt and suspenders type method". I always, always use condoms anyway and try my damnest to practice all safer sex practices available to me and plan to continue condom use indefinitely. I *really* don't want kids or an accidental pregnancy, but in general I am more worried about STIs than I am pregnancy considering the type of sex I have and the frequency that I have it.

My doctor prescribed me Yaz, and I have been on it for a month now. I've never been on HBC before and was really reluctant to do so, as I was in tune with my hormones, enjoyed really mild periods, and generally don't like to fix what isn't broken. The only reason I agreed is because they won't give me a non-hormonal IUD and Yaz has the lowest dose on the market.

- I have nausea and a small migraine every day. I have a history of migraines, and had finally gotten my migraines under control through diet and hydration, and Yaz is throwing this all off.
- One day I had a nausea / migraine episode so intense that I was vomiting and was out of commission from work. (I have *never* had a migraine that bad before)
- I have spotting / discolored discharge every day.
- I crave sweet things - usually fruit and chocolate. I haven't gained any weight, but only because I work out four or five times a week and am used to being aware of what I'm eating.
- Also, on a different note, Yaz is hella expensive.

I'm thinking about not taking another month of this. Does anyone have any advice / comments on this? Any similar experiences? Suggestions? Anyone have any problems with just stopping their HBC in general?

Thank you.


Loestrin 30 - missed first pill

Posted by implexa on 07.02.2009 at 15:16
I'm on Loestrin 30 (have been for about two years) and I just finished my week off, and was meant to take my first pill yesterday (Friday) night. Unfortunately I completely forgot and it wasn't til today, at about 11.30am, that I remembered. I took it immediately but now don't know what to do with my timings etc, or how it will have affected it as a BC method.

So should I just take it as I'm starting on Saturday and changing my time? Or should I take my next (Saturday) pill as normal tonight? And should I be (and if so, for how long) extra cautious when having sex?

Thank you!

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